Project: Glass Fire Pit Enclosure

Client: U.B.G. (Urban Beer Garden Fremont Brewing, Fremont, Earth)

A special project for a very special client. Fremont Brewery’s ¬†Universal Beer Garden on N 34th St, Seattle, has a natural gas fire pit that needed a slight modification. This stainless steel framed, glass enclosure will now direct the heat and fumes upward towards the steel hooded vent and fan in the ceiling. A hinged door on one side allows access for maintenance and beautification. Glass by McIntosh Glass and the rest by us. Matt Lincecum asked for a simple glass enclosure that took as little away from the focal point fire pit as possible. So, we deigned this 1″ square stainless steel brushed tube frame as simply as possible with the rooms natural aesthetic in mind. We hope you like it Matt!