Project: Automatic Can Depalletizer

Client: Hale's Brewery

One of our ongoing projects is the Automatic Can Depalletizer over at Hale’s Brewery, and after about a year and about four months we have gotten the bugs about 97.5% ironed out. We have gone through different sensors, motors, push bars, drive systems, frequency drives, carriage styles. You name it, we rebuilt it one or two times at least. As you might imagine, the research and development phase has been grueling. But with the end so close in sight, this project has been a wonderful experience.

The finished product will depalletize, rinse, and load a full 6000+ part can pallet with one touch of a button. Siemens Simatic HMI touch screen display designed by our friends over at GoTek Automation, and the rest by us. I wanted to build the most simple to operate can depalletizer possible. And with only two motors, and one 220v plug, requiring no air pressure, and no outfeed conveyor, I think we have done that. We will be wrapping up this design build by the end of 2016 and getting the finished product to market soon after.